Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Secret American Idol Addiction

I do it behind closed doors.
Sometimes I do it on weekends, but usually it's on a weeknight.
Late at night when children are sleeping.
I'm completely addicted and completely ashamed of my addiction.
I want to stop. I want to stop, but I can't.

I am a 39-ish year old mother who is hopelessly addicted to watching American Idol.

There I said it. A weight has been lifted.

Are you addicted, too?
Please, please tell me you are. Please....

I wasn't always addicted. I didn't even watch American Idol for the first several seasons because I was a better mom and was busy mothering my children. 

I am a late American Idol bloomer, so to speak.

If you don't watch American Idol, then save yourself several moments of confusion and just stop reading.  None of the following will make any sense.

If you do watch American Idol, then I hope at least some of this will make sense.  If you disagree with me, please keep it to yourself.  Otherwise, let me know how brilliant we both are!

Five things I need to get off my chest about American Idol:

5.  Nicki Minaj. Really? Nicki, please just stop talking.

4.  Keith Urban, could you maybe judge with your shirt off?  I think it would add to the quality of the show.

3.  During auditions in one town, the judges kept a handsome, one-legged, young man from going to Hollywood.  They said he wasn't ready.  Whuck?  He had Hollywood written all over him.  Of course, I cannot remember his name or what town. None-the-less, he was totally robbed. I blame Nicki.  Keith, I forgive you.

2.  Despite robbing one person in #3 his dream of becoming the next American Idol, let's just skip ahead and award the American Idol crown to Burnell Taylor? That kid can sing-hing!

1.   I am absolutely fickle, and next week I'll be asking "Burnell who?" I'm demented, too (see #3, for example)

Having said all of the above, I need to add one more thing.


I miss Simon.

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