Monday, January 21, 2013

Hoarders - The Next Generation

I'm doing my part to make sure the reality show "Hoarders" is enjoyed for decades to come.  

"How's that?" you ask?

Well, I am raising two hoarder-wanna-be's.
The only thing coming between them and lives as full-fledged hoarders is me.

Although I am a fan of my own crap clutter, I find my children's clutter grossly annoying. It's perfectly acceptable for ME to hoard items, but my children must stop hoarding.

My son's favorite items to hoard appear to be legos and scraps of paper.  Not intact lego inventions or entire sheets of paper, but a megazillion little lego pieces and an equal number of scraps of paper.  These little legos and scraps are everywhere. Everywhere!

I passed by my son's room the other day and thought one of two things had happened. His room was either ransacked by an escaped zoo animal or there had been an explosion. When I didn't see any wildebeests or smell any smoke, I realized the mess was boy-made.

I asked the pint-sized hoarder to clean it immediately.
When that fell on deaf ears, I demanded the hoarder clean it immediately.

Ten minutes later the youngest hoarder in our house announced the miserable deed was done.
Ten minutes?
It seriously looked like a weekend project to me, but I'm not a 9 year old boy with 16 million Lego inventions waiting to be made.

Upon nearing the room, I was hoping to find my son's hoarding behavior had been magically cured.

That dream died when I opened the door and a shower of little papers flew from his closet like bats out of a cave in a Scooby Doo cartoon.  Ruh-roh!

His closet contained enough scraps of paper to make a redwood.

In looking down at the floor, I realized he had an arsenal of Legos littering his floor.

His response to this mess?

"Mom, my middle name is Organized.  Poorly is my first."

Tune in next time when "Hoarders-The Next Generation" explores the tween hoarder...

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