Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Who Voted for these Bozos?

I have a job. 
My job has deadlines.
I cannot just sit on my thumbs and pontificate about how much I hate my boss.
I actually have to meet my deadlines.
I actually have to w-o-r-k.
Yeah, it's rough. That's why I get paid to do it. I am not a volunteer.
If I don't meet deadlines, and instead choose to blame everyone around me for the lousy job I am doing, I risk losing my job.
It's called reality.

Reality seems to be missing from our United States Congress.

The last I heard, Congress is not composed of volunteers.
They can neither compromise nor meet a deadline, BUT they continue to get handsomely paid for these failures.

They have plenty of time to meet with the press to complain about the President, taxes, other members of Congress, but they cannot compromise?

Did they skip kindergarten?  It's time to share the damn crayons. You cannot all have the red one!   Is there a time-out chair in Congress? They need disciplined.

This particular Congress will go down in history as one of the least productive Congresses in our nation's history.

Way to go!  We are all so proud we voted for you. Do you actually think we took time to vote just so we could have the pleasure of watching you totally muck up our state of affairs while we sip on $8/gallon skim milk?  Is that what you think?

I would like to propose a new reality television show called "Politicians R Idiotic, Cowardly Kwyjibos" or "PRICKs" for short.  Please brush up on Bart Simpson trivia or refer to the Urban Dictionary if you're not sure of the definition of a Kwyjibos. Yes, I'm pleased with my urban dictionary prowess.

Every Friday night Americans could tune in and see all the ridiculous things our Congress members did or didn't do in the course of the week. You know, like the time they had the giant cojones to block the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act and then deny there is a war on women.

Then, at the end of the mind-blowing hour, we call or text our vote for which idiot Congress person should be relieved of his or her duties.  The following Friday evening Ryan Seacrest would reveal, in an overly suspenseful manner, which lame Congress person gets booted into a low paying job in middle America.

In fact, that could even lead to a spin-off show, "Can Your Ex-Congress Person Survive Middle Class?" The answer, of course, is "No," but I digress.

I, for one, do not want to go over any cliffs.
However, if the entire Congress were to slip off a cliff, I think we wouldn't even notice they were gone.

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