Friday, February 1, 2013


It's February and we all know what that means.

Only five more months until the heir to England's throne is born!
Sound the alarms, organize a parade, mark your calendar...England is getting a new baby!

Not to be outdone, of course, the Kardashian's are also planning to produce a summer baby.

February is the month when we hate those lucky people who get to escape to the Caribbean, while secretly plotting ways we could visit a warm place.  Maybe if I sell all of the "treasures" in my basement on eBay I'll be able to save enough money to buy a poster of the beach.  That wouldn't help my mood in the slightest, but I've got so much junk in my basement.  So.  Much.  Junk. I guess the warmest place I'll see this February is the inside of my oven. That thing hasn't been cleaned since 2011.

Now is a good time to officially ditch those New Year's resolutions, if you even made it this long.  It's hard to hold fast to resolutions while simultaneously buying Girl Scout cookies in bulk.  Loose weight, exercise...wait! Is that a thin mint order form...?

February is also as good a month as any to take down those outside Christmas lights. (I REALLY hope my hubby is reading this.). No one is seriously going to believe those white icicle lights are actually Valentine's day lights, right?

Speaking of which, Valentine's Day is just around the corner.  Chocolate? Wine? Chocolate wine?  I'll take one of each, thank you.

Thanks to global warming it's likely balmy in parts of the country where it is normally cold, and it's likely frigid in places that are normally hot as hell.

If the groundhog sees his shadow this month, I'm moving to the Caribbean.  Or at least switching to a really cool Caribbean screen saver at work.

February is the only month that can make 28 days feel like all eternity.

Spring, I cannot wait to see you!

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