Monday, January 14, 2013

Waxing and Plucking Your Way to a Historical Moment

'Teen Mom' star, Farrah Abraham, can tell you the best way to remove unwanted hair from your toddler's face.  She learned the hard way, but persevered despite obstacles.  Such courage for a young mother!

Ms. Abraham attempted to wax her three year old daughter's eyebrows.  She then opted to pluck them when her waxing efforts failed due to her daughter's behavior.

The poor mom.  There she is trying to make her hairy three year old more beautifully hairless, and the child doesn't fully cooperate. Kids these days. They are just so ungrateful.

Everyone knows unibrows are ostracizing and no doubt the number one cause of bullying in the preschool - kindergarten age group.   A good mother will do everything in her power to protect her child from being victimized due to unwanted hair growth in the glabella region.  (For you trivia nerds, according to Wikipedia, the term "glabella" is derived from the Latin glabellus, meaning smooth.) Clearly, the child's glabella was not smooth, likely fuzzy at best, and Ms. Abraham was wanting to return the region to its intended texture.

Farrah Abraham didn't just attempt to wax her daughter's glabella eyebrows, fail, then pluck them while her toddler slept.  No.  She then had the courage to blog about the experience.

I'm sure her words resonate with mothers everywhere:

"So here I am faced with a standout historical moment in motherhood when I can confirm to myself that my little, adorable, most cuddle-able cutie, baby girl has a Unibrow :( , I felt bad for her..."

Yes, a "historical moment in motherhood."  My own tween is nurturing unruly eyebrows while I lack the courage to address it face on (pun intended).  As a lesser mother, I am strangely not overly concerned about that inch wide area between her eyebrows.  I am, however, moderately obsessed about the dangers of substance abuse, sexting, bullying, internet safety, and stranger danger.

Clearly my priorities are whacked.  I blame my own mother who allowed me to suffer with my own unibrow until at least middle school.  At that point, I was forced to pluck the unsightly hairs since I'm fairly certain wax wasn't invented for another eight years.

The point is, Farrah Abraham had the courage to stand up to the hair. She didn't wait until her child complained about it or until it looked like a small furry caterpillar had taken shelter between her daughter's eyes.  No, she faced the problem head on and never waxed and waned over the issue (pun intended again).

This is just one example of a hard-working mom making a difference on her daughter's face.
Score one for moms everywhere who think their daughters' eyebrows are the priority.


  1. Ooh, could that have, maybe, just a tad sarcastic?

  2. My sarcasm is particularly obvious on Mondays!