Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ohio University!

(No lip-syncing...)
Happy Birthday to you.  Happy Birthday to you.  Happy birthday, dear OU--whoo... Happy birthday to you!

On February 18, 1804, the General Assembly of Ohio passed an act to establish "an university in the town of Athens."

This makes Ohio University the best and oldest university in Ohio.  In fact, it is also the best and oldest university in the Northwest Territory.  In truth, it remains the best university in the entire nation even though there are several older institutions.

Am I biased?
No.  Why ever would you even think so?

Why is Ohio University the best university in the free world?

Just ask any alumnus of Ohio University.  Any proud Bobcat can rattle off a zillion reasons why O.U. is excellent.

Here are my top 5 reasons why OU is the best university:

5.  The gorgeous scenery. Beautiful brick buildings sit along the Hocking River surrounded by lovely rolling hills.  Southeastern Ohio is a beautiful part of the state and a beautiful area of our country. Of course, it would be home to a beautiful university!

4.  My Bobcat friends.  OU buddies are the best! They are HILLARIOUS (even when sober), smart, and compassionate. They're easy on the eyes, too.  You do know Matt Lauer attended OU, right?  Did you know he touched my arm once in The Crystal on Court Street near campus?  It's true!  Yeah, it was awesomeness.

3.  That hard to describe Bobcat spirit. Basically, it's best illustrated by:
  • Watching the alumni band during their annual homecoming halftime show.
  • O...H...I...O.  That cheer NEVER gets old.
  • Going to "after hour" parties when the bars close at 2 A.M. because there's still plenty of partying to do before dawn.
  • Ohio University's win against University of Michigan during their 2012 March Madness run.
  • Arriving as a homesick freshman and then hoping you can't finish in four years because 5th year seniors have even more fun!
2.  Ohio University is home. Many of us arrive as 18 year olds from far off places. We are young, naive, and ready to have fun learn.  We have so much fun learning, we never leave. We go from being Ohio University students to becoming townies.  The Athens community is a great place to take root.  Want to explore the Athens area more?  Check this out:  Athens, Ohio

1.  And the number one reason Ohio University is the best?  We aren't Ohio State University.
Not even close!  Please don't confuse the two universities. That happens to be the number one way to honk off an Ohio University Bobcat.

Ohio University, you sure make 209 years old look good!

If only we could take OU uptown and buy him a pint (or two) at The Pub!
OU, Oh Yeah!


  1. I still remember you telling the story of how Matt Lauer touched your arm over and over! OU is definitely the greatest place on earth!

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