Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Nearly Naked Man in a Tub with a Drill

know the title sounds a little like the beginning or ending of a really bad joke.  

It's no joke.  It's my life!

Before I explain to you, dear reader, the reason I found my husband nearly naked in the bathtub with a cordless drill in his hand, I feel compelled to say, for the umpteenth time, I've got to learn to censor myself.  

Why do I feel absolutely driven to divulge this kind of information?  

Although it's a rhetorical question, I think the answer rests in my undaunted belief that someone out there in cyberspace will realize how wonderful their life actually is in comparison to my own.  Thus, I've done a good cyberspace deed.  OR someone will read this and think, "Yeah, the same thing happened to me!" Thus, I've done a good cyberspace deed again by proving to that poor soul that she isn't the only idiot on the planet.  Otherwise, I'm just completely embarrassing myself which would be no different from any other day.

None of this, of course, changes the fact that I saw my husband walking through the house in his bathrobe carrying his drill.  And by "drill" I mean his cordless drill.

I was curious and followed him.  

I found him in the bathtub, hunched over the bathtub drain, unscrewing the drain with his drill. Again, people, I'm being literal. It really was a drill.  

A clogged drain.  
Uh-oh. That cannot be good.

The water was suddenly not draining well, and he wanted to fix it.

Well, now I'm embarrassed.  I had just finished showering. The drain wasn't clogged when I showered.  I apparently had clogged it with one shower.   Impressive, right?

Stay with me.

I joined an aqua aerobics class recently because my foot hurts, and I wanted physical activity that wouldn't hurt my foot.  Before I get all the blame in this story, I need to add that my hubby is a health-nut and he encouraged me to join the aqua aerobics class.  He's partly to blame for the darn drain. 

Well, it's not really my fault I had to put on a swimsuit in the dead of winter.  The pool rules insist I wear a swimsuit while in the pool.  I would have preferred yoga pants and and a sweater, but I don't make the pool rules.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

It's the dead of winter and I'm hairy.  My winter coat is in full swing by mid January and nowhere near swimsuit ready.  Nowhere near it!

I had some serious landscaping to do if I was going to venture into a public area in a swimsuit.  I didn't want to scare young children. Plus it's hunting season in these parts, and I was looking a little like Sasquatch in a one piece swimsuit.  There is a show "Finding Bigfoot" and had they stumbled upon me pre-shave, they would have sworn they found their Bigfoot.  God bless Gillette. 

So there you have it.  I single-handedly managed to clog up the bathtub drain with my 6 pounds of shaved off hair.  

I would be more disgusted by this had I not just lost several pounds of weight in hair.

Hey, a pound is a pound. 


  1. I figure that when you're looking to lose weight, ANYTHING GOES!!

  2. I couldn't help but laugh at this post. I mean no offense, Jennifer. This actually happened to me too. I wasn't armed with a cordless drill though; instead I had a handy zip tie. It's good for getting into that small drain opening and fishing my wife's curly hair out. You might want to tell your husband that for future reference. :)