Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just Another Example of Why I Stink at Parenting 

Leave it to our children to remind us of how awful we are at parenting. 

I have countless examples to prove this statement, but I'm only going to share one. I think you'll agree I totally stink!

My daughter has been complaining for days weeks months months and months that she cannot see well.

"Schedule eye appointment for daughter" has been on my to-do list for days weeks months months and months. In fairness, my to-do lists are as long as a Steinbeck novel.  

Eventually the appointment was made. Even longer thereafter, the appointment occurred. The results were conclusive. My daughter needs glasses.

She is thrilled about this because blindness sucks nearly as much as I do she has friends with glasses and she thinks glasses are cool.

Finally the glasses arrive. I am estimating the glasses arrived a good 8-9 months following her first complaints about her blurry vision. Yes, I am a horrible less than perfect mother!

She wears the glasses home from the appointment.  During the entire car ride she gleefully announces obvious things while inadvertently making me feel like a total failure!

"Look at the leaves on that tree!"
"I had no idea those houses had so many details!"
"I love being able to see!"

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Everyone knows vision is a plus.  Who wouldn't want to be able to see clearly...?
(Insert the sound of a record scratching)
My daughter?  What??

She's had her glasses for less than a week and guess what.
Go ahead. Guess.

She doesn't think they are "cool" anymore.
These beautiful, expensive, took-forever-to-pick-out-just-the-right-pair glasses are not cool anymore.

She's a little embarrassed to wear them at school which incidentally is the number one place I think she should wear them. She's choosing blurry vision instead of clear eyesight.  Apparently months and months of blurry vision as led her to believe she can, if absolutely necessary, make due without seeing.

I'm going to stop beating myself up about this, and go back to my unending "to do" list.

Next up..."Make orthodontia appointment for children."

This ought to be fun!

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