Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Son is Sort of Bilingual

I don't like to brag.

Well, actually, maybe I do. I just never have bragging rights to anything.
However, my son is sort of bilingual so I feel I've earned the right to sort of brag.

He is fluent in English and something I refer to as Gamingspeak.
He is entirely self-taught. He has had no formal training, but he has devoted an exorbitant amount of time towards learning this new and strange language.
He is a natural!

He has friends who are also fluent in Gamingspeak. This gives him an avenue to practice this mysterious language since clearly I have no idea what he is saying.

Gamingspeak is similar to English but it includes a mix of words that are totally foreign.

The other day he very animatedly said, "I must get to the eight worlds in mushroom kingdom without seeing cheep-cheeps blooper by air or I power up to avoid lakitu. I usually use yoshi. The last time I lost levels because of goomba koopa troopas and koopa paratroopa. Gotta avoid giant ice bros and giant goombas. Wet dry world and shallows and skies world has a giant bomb. Phew!"

Or something like that.  I was confused as soon as he mentioned a mushroom kingdom.
I think somebody was enjoying entirely too much mushroom kingdom when he developed these games.  Of course, that man is no doubt loaded since these games are so darn expensive!

The fact that we are somehow supporting a rich person's mushroom kingdom habit does not seem to weigh heavily on my son. Just let him play as looooooooooooooooooong as possible.  I believe blood pouring from his corneas would not deter his determination to fight goomba koopa troopas. (My spell check is lighting up this page!)

I'm trying to convince my son that when he is older he could design and develop these games. Of course this would require turning the game off and doing something in its place like...hmm...what's the word I'm thinking of? Oh, right...studying (gasp)!

When our country is taken over by the fierce, cartoonish goomba koopa troopas, I will be confident that at least one member of our family will be able to communicate with those evil creatures.

When this invasion occurs, I just hope my son is not 35, living in my basement, growing his own mushroom kingdom.

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