Monday, April 16, 2012

My Love Letter to Friday

(Best if read aloud with an overly dramatic and wanting voice. Go ahead. No one is watching or listening to you. Do it. Read it like a wanton woman!)

My Dearest Friday,

We've only been separated for a few days, and already I long to see you again.

The mere thought of you brings a smile to my lips and a swing to my step. You arrive faithfully each week bringing hope for pleasant days ahead. Your visits are so short that I cannot help but want more of you.

Whether you arrive on a rainy day or a sunny one, I greet you with arms stretched wide. I shout my love for you to all who care to hear. The longer we are together, the more you give me hope that my 9 to 5 job will eventually end. Oh, the joy I feel when I leave work and can fully focus on you!

At the risk of cheapening our pure relationship, I must confess that I'm particularly fond of the visits when you bring me a check. Bless you for those visits. Those "pay days" remind me why I endure the days prior to your arrival. I wish they occurred more frequently, but I still love all of your visits. I am helpless to resist your charm.

In your absence, Monday is rude and conspires against me. Monday does not understand me the way you do. Monday tries to break me, but thoughts of you keep me strong.

Wednesday thinks he is something special, but the only humping I do is with you. Friday, you're my hump day.

At times Saturday tries to seduce me. I cannot keep that truth from you. Saturday offers all of himself to me, but I find myself cleaning, shopping, and running endless, at times mind-numbing, errands. Saturday can sometimes be high maintenance and overly ambitious. You ask nothing of me. You wait for my work day to end and then you tease me with the possibilities....oh...the endless possibilities!

Like a parched person craves water, I search for you.
Like a child on Christmas, I wait breathlessly with anticipation.
Like a sugar addict in a candy store, I crave you.
Like a reality TV star on Bravo, I overreact just thinking about you.
Like an employee waiting for the end of each work week, I....well...

Friday, I love you.

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