Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rush Limbaugh: Portrait of a Man Baby

I am no more surprised that Rush Limbaugh said something offensive and rude to a woman as I am that Spring follows Winter.

I could spend the next several paragraphs outlining the offensiveness of his language and tone towards a particular woman. I could point out that by calling her a slut and a prostitute, he was showing disrespect for all women. I am resisting calling him names like bully and foul-mouthed, narcissistic, Viagra-loving ass. I could rant about his behavior for hours. I could go on and on and on. Behind closed doors I already have. Just ask my husband.

Rush regularly appears to be an insensitive, hypocritical man who lacks any moral compass. I suppose his choice of words and his erroneous analogies shouldn't surprise any of us. His verbal dung flinging attacks are nothing new except he targeted a private citizen. Someone like you and someone like me.

As difficult as it may be to imagine, once upon a time Rush was a baby who needed his mother's milk to survive. Now he's a man baby who needs the milk of advertisers.

Just the thought of Rush as an infant, created a perverse need to know more about his family. So like every other American, I turned to Wikipedia for my facts.

I half expected to learn that he was raised by a pack of wolves as this would be one explanation for his love of carnage. Turns out he comes from a long line of lawyers and judges. That's pretty close to being raised by wolves, right?

He dropped out of college. According to Wikipedia, his mother reported, "he flunked everything." You've got to appreciate a woman who doesn't sugar coat her son's failures.

His father passed away in 1990 and his mother passed away in 2000.
Rush is parentless.

With no mommy to guide him, he has become a rather pathetic Man Baby.
Look at how we have had to parent him this past week:

He says something outrageously offensive. We point it out to him.
"Rush, honey, you can't call a perfect stranger a slut and a prostitute. That's rude."

He seems unfazed by the rebuke so we start taking loads of cash things away.
No more play dates for Rush. Quicken Loans doesn't want to play. Sears and AOL decide to go play in another sandbox.

This seems to get his attention so he sort of apologizes.
Moms know this type of apology well. It lacks appropriate eye contact and is said to the ground with a tone that translates to, "Fine, I said I'm sorry. Can I have my toys back now?"

"No, Rush. You need to apologize and actually mean it."
Rush tries again. He tries three times in a row in one day alone. Only this makes Rush seem desperate, defensive, and no more sincere. Moms know that no one wants to play with a desperate, insincere child.

How all of this will play out remains to be seen. Will the pathetic Man Baby find anyone who accepts his apology? Will his friends return to play with him? Will he ever morph from a Man Baby to an actual man?

I don't know. What I do know is this:

What the sad, little Man Baby really needs right now is a time-out.

Rush, go sit quietly in the corner. We don't want to hear another peep out of you.

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