Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How Sweet it is to be a Bobcat

Once upon a time, in a land tucked away in the hills of Southeastern Ohio, existed a small college town.

College towns exist across this nation, but this town is different. This town is full of Bobcats. These Bobcats are a passionate, fun-loving, hard-working, devoted bunch.

They like to hang out at places with funny names like the College Green, The Pub, The Crystal, The Donkey, Radar Hill, Brenen's, Baker, and a few can even be spotted at Alden...Alden Library for those Bobcats who have no idea what I'm talking about.

Every year new Bobcats join the pack, and every year an equal number is forced to leave the den. New Bobcats roam the town wide-eyed for several weeks before catching their footing and blending in with their fellow Bobcats. The older Bobcats leave the den after 4 or 5 or more years several memorable years. Those Bobcats spread to the far corners of the world but remain faithful to that college town with its brick streets and beautiful, rural scenery. Most make it back at some point to see old friends and to visit old stomping grounds. A few Bobcats, the luckiest ones, stay in that college town even after most of their Bobcat peers have left.

Bobcats have been roaming this region since 1804.
Then in 2012 something sweet and spectacular happened.
Some have referred to it as a Cinderella story, but everyone knows that Cinderella relied on the magic of her fairy godmother. There is no magic in this Bobcat story. This story is about the hard work of a few and the tremendous spirit and pride of an entire Bobcat Nation.

A small group of talented Bobcats, led by wise elder Bobcats, took all of Bobcat Nation on a remarkably exciting journey. The journey was full of adversaries, and this group of Bobcats needed all the support they could get. All Bobcats, those still in that rural college town and those that had left the den, came together to loudly and enthusiastically support their fellow Bobcats.

The Bobcats rose up from hardwood floors and pounced on creatures who attempted to bring them down. They were so good at defending their turf that they traveled to a town called Nashville to see if they could hold their own under brighter lights and bigger pressures.

A fierce pack of wolverines approached from a northern place. Although the wolverines were tough, their arrogance far outweighed their fierceness. The wolverines seemingly had no idea what a Bobcat was so their arrogance was only matched by their ignorance. The Bobcats defeated the foolish wolverines while the frenzy in Bobcat Nation grew.

The Bobcats then faced scrappy and determined bulls from the south. The Bobcats lost their footing briefly but rallied back to defeat the bulls. Bobcats now walk a little taller and feel a little stronger.

The Bobcats will now travel to a town called St. Louis. The lights will be brighter and the pressure higher as they face the Tar Heels. Bobcats everywhere are breathless with anticipation. No one really knows what a Tar Heel is, but Bobcats are preparing for battle.

This may be their last battle before they return to their very proud college town. Or perhaps they have more battles ahead of them.

The Tar Heels should know that the Bobcats are capable of anything. The Tar Heels would be foolish to underestimate the skill, power, and sheer determination of this team of Bobcats. The Bobcats, and all of their faithful fellow Bobcats, are in it to win it!

The truth is, no matter what happens, it's sweet to be a Bobcat! Really sweet.

Go Bobcats!

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