Friday, January 6, 2012

The Ultimate Fart Joke

Nothing makes my 8 year old son happier than a fart joke.

Don't know any fart jokes? Simple fart sounds will do.
Can't make fart sounds? No problem! Just say words associated with fart.
Examples include, but are not limited to, the following: butt cheeks, poop, poopy, stinker, bum, butt, cut the cheese, stinky poo, fartso, farty, fart-o-rama, do-do, poo-tinker. (I'm running out of examples, but my son could fill a page with fart-related words. It's just one of his many talents. Makes me so proud!)

When telling a good fart joke (and is there any such thing as a bad one?), he can laugh so hard he cries. He's not alone. I've seen his friends as well as grown men (including his father) nearly double over in laughter upon hearing, discussing, or smelling a fart.

Certainly, he does have other interests besides farts and fart jokes. He also happens to be a big fan of Mad Libs. Remember Mad Libs? Mad Libs have short stories filled with blanks. The person is asked to fill in the blanks with a type of word.  For example, the participant is directed to select a verb, adjective, noun, or plural noun. The end result is a goofy paragraph.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

The word "fart" is an amazingly versatile word.

It is a verb as in, "That boy farts a lot."
It is an adjective as in, "The farty boy ate too many beans."
It is a noun as in, "His fart cleared the room."
It is a plural noun as in, "His farts continued even after the room was vacated by all living creatures."

We don't have a Mad Libs in this house that isn't heavily punctuated with fart words.

"I'm looking forward to my farty vacation. I cannot wait to see the ocean and the poop. I hope to fart in the surf. I also want to make a stinky castle. If I find any butt cheeks I will bring them home and display them on my butt crack. My butts and I just love the do-do!"

Mad Libs can provide hours of entertainment. Although half the fun is to play it with another person who does not know the intended topic, my son is quite content to fill in the blanks all by his lonesome. He then enjoys reading his masterpiece to his enchanted father 2, 4, 6, maybe a dozen times before moving on to the next farty page.

So what is the ultimate fart joke?

I have no idea. Go ask the nearest 8 year old boy!

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