Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Please Pass the Potatoes

What better time than the overindulgent holidays to pay tribute to my favorite food...the spud.

There is a delightful scene in "Forest Gump" when Forest's friend Bubba is listing all the various ways to prepare shrimp. This scene speaks to me because I have the same love affair with the potato. The potato is one of the most versatile foods. Imagine all the ways to enjoy a potato: baked, twice baked, scalloped, roasted, mashed, fried. Is your mouth watering yet?

The list could go on, but let's stop at the fried potato, specifically french fries.
Recently I was at a fast food establishment when the teenager behind the counter asked me, "Do you want fries with that?" I resisted the urge to ask him if anyone ever answers, "No."

Of course, I want fries with that!

To be more precise, I want a cheeseburger with my fries. In fact I'm only standing here in this fast food establishment for two reasons:

1. I am addicted to your greasy, calorie laden fries
2. My son is a huge fan of the chicken-like products you serve (exactly what part of a chicken is in the chicken nugget? Never mind, I digress).

The point is, who doesn't love french fries?

Well, blessedly, I do happen to know one person who doesn't love fries. He's my nugget addicted 8 year old son. I know this may sound horrible, and there is a part of me ashamed to admit it, but his aversion to fries is just one more reason why I love him. More fries for me!

There are so many different types of french fries. Prepare it skinny, curly, or Cajun. They are all good. The potato is one of those unique foods that actually makes other foods better. Today I actually encountered cheesy bread with fries baked on top! Never tasted cheesy bread so good! Cover a potato with butter, onion, cheese, chili, you name it, and suddenly you have a spud delicacy.

Want to know what else is good? Any food stuffed with potatoes. A perfect example is the perogi. If you've never had a perogi you need to immediately stop reading this and go eat one. Seriously, stop reading. GO EAT A PEROGI. I'll wait.

Wasn't it just about the best thing your mouth has ever experienced? A dumpling filled with potatoes and sautéed in butter and onions. Mmmmmmmmm. Let me just have a moment....... Delicious!

Holidays are a time to reflect on the blessings around us and to appreciate those we love. Clearly, you know what I'm thankful for this holiday season.

Now please pass the potatoes.

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