Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm 40. How did this happen?

I vividly recall being a young girl and thinking that 35 was old. Ha! My younger self was an idiot, but boy did she have nice legs. I kind of miss her.

She was insecure, but she had a good heart. My younger self truly believed in happy endings and that good would conquer evil. You see, she was raised by decent, hard-working parents. They tried to tell her that life isn't fair, but as I stated earlier, my younger self was an idiot.

I'm only marginally smarter now. I've come to believe that one does grow wiser with age.

In fact, I've spent the last 4 decades growing wiser and wiser. Since the "Golden Rule" was emphasized in my upbringing, I've somehow managed to keep some of my wise observations to myself. Never saw any reason to inadvertanly hurt someone's feelings.

However, now that I'm 40 (eek), I seem to be losing some amount of self control over my mouth. I cant seem to keep my observations to myself any longer. So here goes...

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