Monday, June 24, 2013

Warms the Cockles of My Heart

And who doesn't love warm cockles, right?

Do you ever read a new story or watch a news segment and start to think that maybe good does conquer evil?  Maybe there are more decent people in this world than bad?

Doesn't happen all that often, right?

Last week I watched Rock Center with Brian Williams and cried happy tears after seeing the segment on photographer Rick Guidotti.

That man is a winner.

Go get some tissues, get comfy, and watch this 7 minute clip:  Cockles warming news segment
Or go here: Warm your cockles.

Aren't your cockles just the warmest they have ever been?

Other than the word "cockles," I've got nothing funny to say about this.

I just wanted all of you to have a moment today that warms your cockles and makes you rethink beauty.


  1. My cockles are the warmest they've ever been--THANK YOU!!

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