Sunday, November 3, 2013


Once upon a time I fell in love with a beautiful stray dog.  She found us and chose not to leave. We tried unsuccessfully to find her original family.  However, we quickly knew she was our dog.  Our first family dog.  We named her Nicole Oreo.  'Cole wasn't the smartest dog.  In fact, Cole's trainer referred to her as "thick," but she really just fit in the the rest of us.  Seriously.

I wish I could say we lived happily ever after, but our sweet dog was tragically killed when she ran into traffic just three months after she found us.  We were devastated.  Devastated.

Her death left us all feeling grief-stricken, guilty, and .... desperate for another dog.  We had buried plenty of fish, hermit crabs, and toads, but my children had never experienced the death of a beloved pet.  The tears seemed endless, and I was tempted to run out and bring back a puppy for each of us.  I wanted desperately to make their grief end. I wanted my sad children to be happy again.

But we waited.  We waited until the daily tears turned into happy reminiscing.  We waited until Cole's ashes had been spread across her favorite stomping grounds.  We waited until her name brought us smiles instead of tears.

Then we started stalking the pound.  We were ready for another dog to love.

During all of this (finding a dog, losing a dog, wanting a dog), I learned about Friends of the Shelter Dogs.   They are group of local citizens dedicated to the welfare and rescue of dogs from the area Dog Shelter. All the dogs in their care are medically checked by a veterinarian, given all their immunizations and are spayed/neutered before being adopted into loving homes.  They also contribute to the medical welfare of dogs remaining in the shelter by donating vaccines or paying for veterinary expenses when the need arises and they have the ability to do so.  Truly an amazing organization!

Friends of the Shelter Dogs organized a fundraiser this past weekend.  These people know how to throw a party!  "Purses for Pooches" is a purse auction for ladies only.  Can you imagine?!?

I went with some of my favorite ladies. These gals are funny, smart, beautiful, and an all-around good time. Some may need a few lessons on how not to accidentally bid during a live auction, but I love them just the way they are!

Now for those of you who have never been, imagine climbing a staircase and when the doors open you are standing in a room full of purses, your favorite people, and a bar.  I'm pretty sure I heard a chorus of angels singing.  Talk about a stairway to heaven!  That's my vision of heaven, people. Purses, friends, and drinks -- not necessarily in that order!

To the talented organizers of the Purses for Pooches I say, WOW!!

AND...I'm happy to say, my family eventually found a wonderful dog from the shelter. Her name is Sandy, and she brings us happiness every day.

To the Friends of the Shelter Dogs, Sandy says, "bow-WOW,"

Sandy enjoying a nap after arriving home from the dog shelter


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